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drogheda, ie
About me:
I am Mary. I married with 2 children. As you can see i big Josh Groban fan! I live in Ireland and i love it even though our weather leaves a lot to be desired! I have 2 children, although, children is hardly the word!! One is 32 and married and the other is nearly 18 and about to go to college!!! I am very young at heart and love having fun, that is why i am here..to have fun!!! So bring it on!!!
Favorite Music:
Josh Groban (of course)!! Also Pink Floyd, Def Leppard, Simply Red, John Lennon and The Beatles and so much more!!!!
Favorite TV Shows:
C.S.I (all of them), Dexter,The Ellen Show, Law and Order (all of them), Ghost Whisperer
Favorite Movies:
White Chicks, Casablanca, Brief Encounter,The Notebook, Beaches, Message in a Bottle
Favorite Quotes:
"Because I know that life is a journey I must accept, and that pain and confusion are temporary, I know that if I follow my heart it will lead me to where I belong!" --Josh Groban !!

What I've Been Up To

People I look up to

Pope John Paul 2, John Lennon, Nelson Mandella, and of course Josh Groban!

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